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Physical Health Services

Fitness areas are available to first responders and their families with memberships. The gym is staffed with professionals, some of whom are first responders or military.

Services Offered

Diet and Nutritional Planning

Functional Fitness Classes

Boot Camp Classes

Personal Training

Fitness Goals


First Responders Foundation Physical Health Free Weights and Freedom

Respond Stronger

The job of a First Responder is both physically and mentally demanding. This 60-minute group strength and conditioning class combines weightlifting and endurance training and is designed to help you respond stronger during the call and after the call as well. An expert coach will be there to guide you through the workout and is open to all levels of fitness. Free trials and free consultations are available upon request.

Schedule: Monday through Friday (0530, 0900 (spouses only), 1730 and 1830 (no 1830 on Wednesday due to Yin Yoga)

Cost is $60/month. To register click here

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Spouses only

Respond Stronger Spouse Only Class

The First Responders Foundation places a big emphasis on the well-being of First Responder family members. Spouses are often trying to balance being a wife/husband, a mother/father, a career, and a shoulder for their First Responder to lean on. Spouses spend so much time taking care of others that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. This 60-minute spouses only fitness class is a high intensity bootcamp style class conducted in a fun group setting. This is an opportunity to focus on you and create strong binds with fellow spouses. Free trials and free consultations available upon request. Monday through Friday at 0900.

Cost is $60/month. To register click here

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Open Gym Membership

Group classes not your thing? We have you covered! The Physical Health Center is open 24/7 with key card access. The gym and equipment is available to you outside of the scheduled group classes for your fitness needs. The facility provides a variety of functional fitness and strength and conditioning equipment that includes pull up rigs, kettle bells, dumbbells, along with equipment for the squat, bench, and deadlift.

Cost is $30/month.  To register click here

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Yoga and Nutrition Classes

Yin Yoga

This class is 45 minutes of Zink style Yin Yoga, holding long stretches with breath work; followed by 15 minutes of sound meditation relaxation with Himalayan brass bowls. Yin yoga offers deeper access to the body targeting our connective tissues, fascia and ligaments with the aim of lubricating and protecting our joints. These are areas of the body often not reached with a typical yang style of yoga practice or fitness regime. Compliment your regular workouts with this unique yoga experience. Instructor is retired Omaha Police Officer Mechelle Keller.

Wednesday’s from 6:00 – 7:00pm

Cost is $60 for a punch card or a $20 drop in fee. Each punch card will allow up to 4 classes to be used in a 45 day period.

To purchase a punch card click here.

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“FRY” First Responders Yoga

RY- First Responders Yoga Offers 4 Benefits

Yoga is about BREATHING.  Practicing breath control before or after calls can better equip you walking into a critical scene, and help you calm down afterwards.  Learning how to control breath and tools for breathing can help transition someone from fight/flight mode into calm.  This can be helpful to reengage frontal lobe to make more rational decisions in crisis.

Yoga is about AWARENESS.  Developing mindful awareness allows people to function better at home and out on calls.

Yoga improves SLEEP. We all know First Responders do not sleep!

Yoga relieves STRESS. Yoga assists with removing stress from the mind and body.  It increases resiliency mentally and physically.  Less physical and mental injuries occur on the job when yoga is practiced regularly.

This class meets the last Tuesday of each month.

The cost is free.

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Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition needs to be the base of the pyramid if you want to maximize health and performance. A Precision Nutrition Certified Coach will meet with you personally and help guide you on your journey to better health. We do not believe in labeling food as good or bad or healthy or unhealthy. Our program will help you build a healthy relationship with food and build lifelong habits. Free consultations available upon request.

Cost is $69/month.

To register click here.

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Spiritual Health Services

Rock Solid For Jesus for First Responders and Family Members

Rock Solid for Jesus is 12 week program designed to empower people to live spirtually and physically fit lives for Jesus. The program starts with a 20-30 minute workout, followed by a light snack and a time to visit with others in the group. The program concludes with a bible study/devotional. This program is for all First Responders, Veterans, and families. Minimum age is 18.

Instructors are married couple and veterans Ruth and Jason.

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Family Membership Plan for First Responders and Immediate Family Members

The Family Membership plan gives access to the First Responders Foundation Physical Health / Fitness Center to a first responders and up to 4 immediate family members.  This includes access to the Open Gym and all classes for the family.  The cost is $90/month.

To register for a Family Membership click here.

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Push Press App

The First Responders Foundation Physical Health Free Weights & Freedom Program uses the app PushPress for class/membership registrations, account information and easy class check-in. For your convenience download the PushPress Members app today.  You will only be able to sign in to the app after you register for your first class or plan with the First Responders Foundation Physical Health / Fitness Team.

For assistance after you download the PushPress Members app click here for a video tutorial.

For more information or questions contact Adam Tripp, Director of Physical Health at or call 402-788-1574

Free Weights

Adam Tripp is the Director of the First Responders Foundation’s Physical Health Free Weights & Freedom Program.  To contact Adam email or call 402-788-1574

Check out the Facebook page for physical health program updates, wellness tips and much more.

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