Home Safety Program

Home Safety Program

Home Safety Program

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and other home safety equipment are essential for a family’s safety. There are many elderly people and low-income families in need of these items. The First Responders Foundation partners with local fire departments to install combination detectors for those in need.

Donate below to help prevent tragedies and helps keep children, families, and the elderly safe in their homes. You can help improve quality of life for lower income and the elderly while reducing cost to taxpayers through proactive prevention.

Smoke DetectorsFREE Combination
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

For people in need living in the Omaha metro area, the fire department will install a smoke and carbon monoxide detector for free. To qualify the residence must be owner occupied. The fire department will also assist as necessary with changing batteries in smoke detectors.

For more information on receiving a detector in Omaha, NE: Click Here

If you live in Papillion or Bellevue, NE email us with your address and a request for a detector and we will get back to you: contact@firstrespondersfoundation.org

Smoke DetectorsGRATIS Detectores Humo y Monóxido de Carbon

Los detectores de humo son muy importantes para la seguridad de nuestras familias. Si no tiene un detector de humo, el Departmento de Bomberos de Omaha les regalará un detector de humo y se lo instalará gratís si vive en la ciudad de Omaha.

Visite https://www.omaha-fire.org/fire-alarms-and-sprinklers/smoke-detectors-save-lives para más información por un detector gratis.

If you would like to make a donation to help with the Home Safety Program please use the form below. Thank you!