Financial Health Services

Financial Coaching is now offered at the First Responders Foundation

Join Don Leu for a FREE 2 part (90-minute sessions each) Financial Health Services program regarding YOUR financial health.  All First Responders, Veterans, and their families are welcome to attend.

Financial Health Services

“You and Your Money”

“You and Your Money” is the first Financial Health Services session in a two-session series the First Responders Foundation is offering free to first responders, veterans, and their families through the Financial Health Program.

This class offers a personal assessment of where we are and how we got here. We will discuss acquired money habits, the importance of money, personal relationships and money, how different generations view and handle money, money cycles, roles within the family, and compulsive behaviors that add to money stress.

“Take Charge of Your Money”

“Take Charge of Your Money is the second session in the two-session series.  This session will provide tools for better personal money management.  Attendees will also learn how to read a credit report and improve their credit history.

Attendance at both sessions is recommended but not required.

The Financial Health Classes are taught by Don Leu Director of the Financial Health Program. Don has 40 years of experience with financial direction and wants to share his knowledge with first responders.

Each session will be held in person in the meeting room at the First Responders Foundation at 10605 Burt Circle, Omaha, NE. Social distancing will be observed.

No financial products will be sold during the sessions.  This is an EDUCATIONAL event to learn about your money and strategies for short and long term planning.

Pre-registration is requested.  To register click here.
For questions, please contact Don at

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