CISM Aftercare


About CISM Aftercare

CISM Aftercare is a partnership between the Office Of Emergency Health Systems – Nebraska CISM Program and the First Responders Foundation to ensure our first responders have available services following a critical incident and after any interventions that may have been provided by the state CISM team. Mental health services are available for all first responders and families.

About The Clinicians

First Responders Foundation has in-house clinicians and partnered clinicians in various communities who specialize in working with first responders and their families.  All Clinicians specialize in various treatments such as trauma/PTSD treatment, grief, depression, anxiety, couples, adolescents, substance use, etc.


Most major insurances are accepted for mental health and substance use treatment, Tricare included. Individuals/Families without insurance coverage or under financial hardship are still able to receive counseling services.

CISM Aftercare

CISM Aftercare counseling services are available in person and via tele-health.  All inquiries and information is completely confidential.

To start services complete the form below:

Contact Jason Workman directly for information: 531-201-5607

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