The First Responders Foundation aims to be the leader in advocacy and community support for all first responders and their families. Expanding this support and advocacy regionally by 2025 remains a top priority.

One way of expansion is through the establishment of local First Responders Foundation Chapters.

Chapters, which are led by local community members, are best equipped to address the needs of first responders in their area. Chapter’s raise their own funds with assistance from the First Responders Foundation staff. Funds are restricted for use by the individual Chapters as designated for their communities. Funds are deposited in the First Responders Foundation banking account under the same EIN.

First Responders Foundation Chapters receive the following benefits and more:

  • Access to all programs and events of the First Responders Foundation.
  • Access to Chapter specific marketing materials, website, and social media.
  • Access to the behavioral health specialists from the First Responders Support Team (FRST) and all programming, workshops, support groups and sessions, both in person, or via video and tele connect. These programs are designed for first responders and their family members.
  • Access to all First Responders Foundation wellness and physical fitness programs.
  • A Chapter representative on the Board of Director of the First Responders Foundation.
  • A representative of the First Responders Foundation present at the Chapter Board meetings.

Start Your Own First Responders Foundation Chapter in your community Today!

If you’re interested in starting a chapter, please email with your name, location and why you want to start a new chapter. We will reach out to you with additional information.

List of Chapters

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